After years of working in the hospitality industry, Jeremy has developed a true love and appreciation for coffee. He has been a Barista for the past 15 years and has had the pleasure of working with, in and alongside some of New Zealand's leading cafe's and coffee companies. In the last 5years of his life he has had the pleasure of working alongside on of New Zealand's real personalities of coffee, Geoff Marsland a Havana Coffee Wellington.

Jeremy took up the position of factory manager at Havana along with other various roles throughout the company, one of which was Barista trainer. It was then when he really tarted to gain a full understanding and appreciation of the product as not just an amazing elixir but also as a complex natural resource that, like any resource, is not always the same. 

Now Jeremy has brought those skills and expertise back to New Plymouth and has worked closely with Paul Newbold and Karen Pritchard at OZONE Coffee to create his own signature blend "The Fed'.

"I think The Fed is a true interpretation of what I love the most about coffee and all the delicious qualities it has to offer." Come down to the store and try a brew...